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Camouflage Anti Slip Tape; For the UK?


Our sister company in the US now has camouflage anti-slip tape, & we want to know if our customers in the UK and Europe would like to get their hands on it.

Today see’s the launch of camouflage anti-slip tape on the site of our US Sister company, We have so much demand for it there that we decided to manufacture it for off the shelf sale, as it would be useful and well themed for shooting ranges, hunting grounds, gun grips and would also look great on trailers and trucks. We haven’t really planned to sell it in the UK, but we know there is a possibility of interest over here, so we thought we would put it out there ( without having to mess around with site code ) and see if anyone wants some. If I needed anti-slip tape, I probably would have it, as aside from some of the non-abrasive anti-slip tape and some of the glow in the dark tape we manufacture, this is probably the coolest that I’ve seen in a while, and the lads agree! Would you be interested in camouflage anti-slip tape?? Get in touch with us via the email, phone, or Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages to let us know!

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